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    Licensed & Insured Landscape Contractors
    Licensed & Insured Landscape Contractors


As the calendar flips to 2024, the landscaping industry witnesses an exhilarating blend of innovation and sustainability. At Tate’s Property Care, we eagerly anticipate the latest trends that promise to transform outdoor spaces into bastions of beauty, environmental stewardship, and personal sanctuary. This year, we’re especially thrilled to navigate and incorporate trends that not only elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor areas but also emphasize ecological balance and individual well-being.

Native Plant Landscaping

A Sustainable Revolution in Plant Selection In the realm of landscaping, the pivot towards native plant utilization transcends a mere trend; it heralds a sustainable shift towards biodiversity and ecological harmony. Native flora, celebrated for their low maintenance and pest resistance, will serve as the cornerstone of our 2024 landscaping endeavors. We aim to craft vibrant landscapes that flourish effortlessly, significantly reducing the reliance on chemical interventions.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Blurring the Lines Between Indoors and Out The evolution of outdoor living spaces into seamless extensions of the indoor living realm continues to captivate. This year, we’re channeling our creative energies into crafting outdoor domains that mirror the comfort, function, and allure of their indoor counterparts. From cozy fire pits to fully-equipped outdoor kitchens, our designs promise to redefine relaxation and social interaction under the open sky.

Sustainable Hardscaping

The Eco-Friendly Backbone of Modern Landscapes 2024 sees a promising rise in the availability of sustainable hardscaping materials. At Tate’s Property Care, we’re enthusiastic about integrating eco-conscious materials like recycled pavers and permeable concrete into our designs. These materials not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also promote environmental resilience by facilitating better water absorption and reducing runoff.

Smart Irrigation Systems

Intelligent Water Conservation Techniques Water conservation remains a pivotal concern within the landscaping community. Smart irrigation systems, with their capability to tailor water distribution based on weather conditions and plant needs, stand at the forefront of this conservation effort. This year, we’re dedicated to incorporating these intelligent systems more extensively, offering our clients an efficient and eco-friendly gardening solution.

Pollinator-Friendly Gardens

Fostering Biodiversity One Garden at a Time The importance of gardens that cater to pollinators cannot be overstated. In 2024, we’re committed to enriching our landscapes with a diverse array of flowering plants that serve as vital resources for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. These gardens not only support ecosystem health but also ensure the proliferation of various plant species.

Edible Landscaping

The Delicious Intersection of Form and Function The distinction between ornamental and edible landscaping continues to blur, with 2024 witnessing a surge in gardens that marry visual appeal with culinary utility. We’re excited to guide our clients through the edible landscaping journey, transforming traditional gardens into sources of fresh, sustainable produce.

Low-Maintenance Designs

Beauty Without the Burden As the pace of life accelerates, the demand for low-maintenance landscaping solutions becomes increasingly prominent. This year, our focus is on designs that minimize upkeep without compromising on beauty. Through the strategic use of drought-tolerant plants, mulching techniques, and efficient irrigation systems, we aim to create stunning landscapes that demand minimal effort from our clients.


At Tate’s Property Care, our commitment to staying abreast of the latest landscaping trends is unwavering. As we embrace 2024, our goal is to merge innovation with sustainability, crafting outdoor spaces that resonate with our clients’ desires for beauty, ecological balance, and ease of maintenance. Whether you’re drawn to the latest trends or seek a timeless landscape that reflects your lifestyle, we’re here to turn your vision into reality.

If you’re in Deep River, Chester, Westbrook, Lyme, Old Lyme, Clinton, Killingworth, Essex, or Old Saybrook, and are looking for landscaping services that blend beauty with sustainability, look no further than Tate’s Property Care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your landscaping dreams to life in 2024.